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Extreme Faith Productions aims to reach the lost, plus encourage and strengthen believers, by providing quality Christian concerts and
events throughout the Southwest. We will conduct business in a
Christ-like manner, and seek God’s will in all that we do.

About Extreme Faith Productions

Extreme Faith Productions is a registered 501(C3) non-profit organization founded in the fall of 2002 by
President, Brian Cole.
Based out of Chandler, Arizona, EFP partners with local churches and artists to bring approximately 75-100 concerts per year. Every year brings new challenges to operating a concert/event ministry and they do not take this responsibility for granted. It’s a blessing
to serve the Christian community and to help a generation so desperately needing to know the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
To donate to EFP,
simply follow the link below. Any amount helps to keep this organization afloat.
Thank you for supporting the mission and ministry of Extreme Faith productions!

What do your donations support?

1 Bible Teacher
1 Comedian -1 Musician
Aspire is a one-night women’s event full of laughter,
learning, stories & music with 3 ladies taking the stage.
Join us for an amazing
ladies’s night out!
2 Comedians – 1 Musician
A perfect date night out for married couples filled with laughter and music.

Elevate Banner
The biggest weekend for Christian music in Arizona. The Elevate Music Festival is a 3 day Christian music festival in Scottsdale.
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Extreme Faith productions is the over-arching nonprofit organization that sponsors and runs all these events. Donations go into the day-to-day operations that ultimately lead to the continuation of this ministry. Without Donors like you, we would not be where we are today.
Thank you!
Thank you for supporting the mission and ministry of Extreme Faith productions!